Ninja Offers More Details About New Cookware

    Ninja, SharkNinja
    Ninja's new Foodi Cookware.

    Weeks after offering consumers a glimpse at its first cookware line, Ninja is teasing out additional details about the forthcoming assortment.

    The Foodi NeverStick hard anodized cookware features cast stainless handles and stainless rim glass lids.

    According to the company, with a maximum manufacturing temperature of 30,000° Fahrenheit, the NeverStick line will not rapidly lose its non-stick capabilities like non-stick cookware manufactured at 900° Fahrenheit. 


    Superheated plasma ceramic particles are fused to the surface of the pan, creating a super-hard, textured surface that interlocks with Ninja’s exclusive coating. The strength of the non-stick coating allows home chefs to use metal utensils. 

    Ninja’s website, as of August 26, listed as “coming soon” one set and five open-stock pieces. The 13-piece set is priced at $399.99. On the open-stock side, included is a 12-inch fry pan for $49.99, 4-quart saute pan for $99.99, 5-quart saute pan for $199.99, 8-quart stockpot for $99.99 and 3.5-quart sauce-pan for $69.99.

    The kitchenware supplier did not indicate when the new cookware would be available for purchase.