Ninja Reveals Details About 2-Basket Air Fryer

    The Ninja Foodi 2-Basket Air Fryer.

    Just days after Ninja offered consumers a sneak peek at several new items, including the brand’s first cookware line, the company revealed details on its forthcoming 2-basket air fryer.

    To be sold under the Ninja Foodi brand, the new air fryer is being offered for presale on its website and is priced at $179. 

    While air fryers have been one of the hottest kitchenware product categories over the past five years, all units currently for sale on the market offer single-basket cooking. 


    The Ninja unit is changing that paradigm by offering an air fryer with two separate baskets that allow the home chef to cook two foods at once. A cyclonic fan and rapid heater are positioned in each zone, which both offer an individual capacity of 4-quarts. 

    The DualZone technology features Smart Finish that allows the foods in each basket to finish at the same time. The unit offers a broad temperature range from 105° Fahrenheit to 450° Fahrenheit.

    With a total capacity of 8-quarts, the unit is equipped with six customizable programs that include air fry, air broil, roast, bake, reheat and dehydrate. 

    Having an air fryer with two baskets addresses a handful of consumer needs that have been raised in recent years.

    The 8-quart capacity allows consumers with a big family to cook a large quantity of French fries or other side dishes. In fact, Ninja says the air fryer is able to accommodate up to 4-pounds of fries at one time. 

    Additionally, the dual baskets allow the end-user to cook two items — perhaps a protein and a side or two sides — at the same time. This not only eases the meal preparation process but also reduces the number of cooking vessels needed to prepare dinner.