Panasonic Debuts Multi-Functional Countertop Oven

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    Panasonic's Home Chef 4-in-1 countertop multi-oven.

    The countertop oven category has been rejuvenated over the past year as several product suppliers have boosted the functionality of new units that have hit retail. 

    Panasonic is keeping that trend going with the debut of its Home Chef 4-in-1 Countertop Multi-Oven (model No. NN-CD87KS). With multi-functionality the focus, the new unit is equipped with four functions: air frying, baking, broiling and microwaving.

    The functions can be used individually or in combination to shorten the cooking process, company officials said. 


    Building off the success in recent years of the multi-cooker category driven by Instant Pot, new countertop ovens that offer several functions are designed to give consumers the option of having one item on their countertop that allows them to cook using various methods. 

    The air fry function, a healthier alternative to traditional frying, circulates hot air around the food producing crispy results. Food prep that requires broiling is also easy as dual infrared technology cooks foods on a broiling rack that lifts food close to the infrared grilling element, resulting in the crispiness missing from traditional microwave cooking.

    The unit’s Convection Bake function ranges from 215° Fahrenheit to 425° Fahrenheit, for baking and roasting without using a traditional oven cooking.

    Functions such as the one-touch Genius Sensor Reheat button, which prompts the oven to monitor the amount of steam generated by the dish, automatically sets and adjusts the time to avoid over-or-undercooking.

    In addition, utilizing a smart microwave sequencing system based on the Inverter’s continuous-power delivery, the Turbo Defrost function protects and preserves food’s flavor, texture and nutrients — all without producing frozen centers or cooked edges.

    The oven also offers 20 auto-cook settings and 11 power levels to provide heating levels and times for fast results in breakfast, grains, vegetables, entrees and a variety of other dishes.

    Panasonic’s new countertop oven can also be used with Drop, a recipe app that offers a guided, step-by-step recipe format. Visit Drop for additional information.

    The Home Chef 4-in-1 Countertop Multi-Oven ($479.95) is available at