Pioneer Woman Blends New Assortment of Spices & Seasonings

Pioneer Woman
The Pioneer Woman launches a new seasonings line In a partnership with Old World Spices.

Food Network star Ree Drummond is expanding The Pioneer Woman brand into the world of seasonings with the launch of a new assortment created in partnership with Old World Spices & Seasonings.

The line of spice blends was developed by Drummond, The Pioneer Woman, and include some familiar and unique seasonings. 

  • Tex Mex Cowgirl Seasoning: A southwest-inspired blend loaded with Hatch green chilies, cumin, Mexican oregano, cilantro and a zest of lime for fajitas, tacos or quesadillas.
  • Drummond Ranch Grill Seasoning: The perfect seasoning for any thick-cut steak, it is a rustic blend of coarse salt, Himalayan pink salt, minced garlic, cracked peppercorn and coriander.
  • Anything Goes Everyday Seasoning: Great for brightening up chicken or veggies, this all-purpose blend features coarse sea salt, celery, black pepper, onion, garlic and a burst of lemon zest.
  • Cowboy Lemon Pepper Seasoning: This zippy, fresh blend of lemon, peppercorn, garlic and other savory notes adds a fresh zest to any recipe.
  • Frontier Chipotle Ranch Seasoning: A unique twist on Buffalo seasoning that blends chipotle and Marash chili peppers with sour cream, cheddar cheese, tomato and other zesty ingredients.
  • Prairie Pot Roast Savory Beef Seasoning: A savory blend of coarse salt, garlic, onions, rosemary and thyme adds an unmistakable Burgundy wine flavor to any roast.

“Inspired by the dishes I’ve made for my family through the years, my line of pre-mixed spices makes it a cinch to season and add excitement to your busy weeknight dinners,” Drummond said. “I use them daily in my own kitchen.”


The debut of the new spice line is the latest line of consumables from The Pioneer Woman. Drummond recently launched a line of coffee through a partnership with Zavida Coffee Roasters. The premium line of ground coffee beans and single-serve cups includes three non-flavored blends: Up & At ‘Em (Breakfast Roast), Saddle Up (Medium Roast) and Giddy Up (Dark Roast).

As for the new spice blends, they are available for purchase online through and The Pioneer Woman seasonings will be available for in-store purchase at Kroger this spring, as well as at local retail chains across the United States.