Royal Copenhagen Blueline Tableware Offers Simple Elegance

    Royal Copenhagen
    Royal Copenhagen's new Blueline dinnerware.

    Royal Copenhagen has unveiled its Blueline dinnerware collection that offers a simple design allowing food to be the star of the dish.

    The new assortment includes a coupe plate, bowl thermal mug and oval dish.

    The coupe plate features an eye-catching brand logo stamp that is encircled by a hand-painted blue line allowing consumers to create an eye-catching table setting with its simplistic porcelain. 


    Blueline’s thermal mug also captures the idea of simplicity. Designed without a handle, the collection’s logo stamp is found at the bottom of the mug and is only visible from above and after the last sip is taken. The mug’s white flutes and thin blue line combine to offer a cool elegance. 

    The Blueline bowl features the stamp center stage to create a balanced and symmetrical design statement. The thin, hand-painted line and the bright white palette of the porcelain offer an upscale look and feel. 

    Rounding out the assortment from Royal Copenhagen is the oval dish. Measuring more than 14-inches in width, the dish is designed for use with various table settings and is accented with a decentralized brand stamp and eye-catching blue line.