Rubbermaid, Emily Henderson Team To Bring ‘Brilliance’ To Pantry Storage

    Pantry, Rubbermaid, Emily Henderson
    Emily Henderson and Rubbermaid have teamed to help consumers improve their pantry organization.

    Consumers working to check off items on their spring cleaning checklist may be challenged to get their home’s pantry properly organized.

    To help consumers meet this challenge, Rubbermaid along with stylist and interior designer Emily Henderson are teaming to offer home organization tips with the help of the company’s Brilliance Pantry storage containers.

    To help make the home feel a little more peaceful, one of the top places Henderson recommends tackling is the often-overlooked pantry.


    “A perfectly organized pantry doesn’t just make life more efficient – it also makes you feel better, knowing your space is in order and you have something beautiful to look at inside the kitchen,” she said. “No matter your pantry’s quirks, size and shape, I’ve found that Rubbermaid Brilliance Pantry containers make it easy to store and organize pantry essentials like rice, pasta and flour, thanks to its stackable design.”

    Henderson offers the following tips to achieve a beautifully organized pantry:

    • Buy in bulk: This saves on packaging waste and offers a better glimpse of what foods you have and how much – and prevents a last-minute run to the store for a missing ingredient mid-meal.
    • Decant: Decanting means moving pantry staples from their original packaging into a different container, usually one that is clear and labeled. Being able to see what and how much is inside, knowing where containers are, and making them easy to grab not only looks good but also makes cooking, packing lunches and baking more efficient.
    • Create a hierarchy: Keep snacks like pretzels, cookies, and bars at a lower height, as it’s easier to reach. Everyday cooking items like rice, pasta and dry beans should be placed a bit higher, followed by baking ingredients – and anything else used less often – up top.
    • Adapt to your space: If you keep a system, it doesn’t matter if you have a walk-in pantry or only a few shelves to work with. Choose containers that are modular and stackable to maximize vertical space, then designate sections for certain tasks.

    “After a year of increased time at home, now is a good time to refresh spaces and make them more enjoyable as well as functional,” said Kris Malkoski, CEO, Food Business Unit at Newell Brands. 

    According to Rubbermaid, the Brilliance Pantry food storage containers are designed to keep pantry essentials such as flour, sugar, cereal, snacks, coffee – and even pet food – fresh with its 100 percent airtight seal. The containers’ space-saving modular and stackable design allows users to customize the way their pantry is organized, no matter its size. 

    Rubbermaid Brilliance Pantry also features:

    • An innovative 2-latch lid that forms a 100% airtight seal around the container to keep pantry staples fresh.
    • Elevated, crystal-clear containers give a 360-degree look into what’s inside.
    • Shatter-resistant lids and bases made of StainShield plastic are stain and odor-resistant, keeping the containers looking like new for as long as possible.
    • BPA-free and dishwasher-safe design.

    Rubbermaid Brilliance Pantry containers range from 0.5 cups to 16 cups and can be purchased at retailers nationwide including Amazon, Target and Walmart

    For more details on the product line, visit and follow @em_henderson for additional tips to create a pantry you’ll be excited to visit again and again.