Simplehuman Gives Consumers New Composting Option

    Simplehuman, Compost Caddy
    Simplehuman's Compost Caddy.

    Simplehuman is giving consumers a new option in home composting with the addition of its Compost Caddy.

    Touted as a tool that will make composting easier, food scraps can be fed easily into the odor-minimizing stainless steel bin. 


    Attaching to a magnetic dock that hand at the side of a rectangular or slim liner rim trash can, the unit’s soft-seal lid allows food scraps to breathe, keeping odor under control and pests away. Also, the plastic inner bucket is removable to allow for easy removal of scraps and to clean.

    The 4-liter caddy’s stainless steel surface is protected by an invisible fingerprint-proof coating that is also infused with Agion, an EPA-registered antimicrobial that inhibits the growth of bacteria, fungi, mold, and mildew, simplehuman officials said.

    A 30-pack of Code Z custom-fit compostable liners is included. The liners fit the caddy tightly and can be thrown out along with your food scraps since they decompose fully.

    Simplehuman’s Compost Caddy is priced at $50.