Simplehuman Debuts Compact Dishrack

    Simplehuman's compact dishrack.

    Simplehuman’s assortment of kitchen organization products continues to grow with the addition of a new steel frame dishrack.

    Designed to help ease the task of washing dishes and other kitchenware items, the new dishrack drains quickly and neatly eliminating puddles and water-spots. The swivel spout allows water to drain into the sink no matter how the unit is positioned on the counter.

    The inner plastic tray is designed for optimum draining with a hydrophilic coating that spreads water across the surface and allowing for fast evaporation. 


    Additionally, simplehuman lowered the profile of the dishrack and added anti-slip rubber feet to provide enhanced stability and keep the unit in place when situated on the countertop.

    The new compact dishrack is priced at $60.