Simplehuman’s Pulse Pump Aims To Help Consumers Clean Up

    The new Pulse Pump from simplehuman.

    Proper hand sanitation continues to be an important part of daily life and simplehuman is now offering a convenient new solution.

    The company’s new Pulse Pump features a stainless steel body and a die-cast pump head while also offering high-quality, low-resistance parts that are tested to withstand more than 150,000 pumps. That equals 15 pumps a day for 27 years or the equivalent to more than 300 disposable plastic pump bottles.

    According to simplehuman, the company’s unique pulse mechanism features direct-intake valves and a smooth, low-friction plunger to dispense soap or sanitizer with 60% less effort than normal push pumps.


    Additionally, the pump’s reverse-flow valve design draws the soap back from the nozzle a split-second after every dispense to keep it clean and drip-free.

    To refill, the pump is equipped with a funnel opening that is said to make adding liquid soap quick, effortless and mess-free. The pump’s spot has an invisible silver-ion coating that resists fingerprints and the spread of germs.

    Offered in two sizes, the 10-ounce pump is priced at $40 while the 16-ounce pump is priced at $50.