SodaStream Takes Steps To Lessen Environmental Impacts

    SodaStream, Randi Zuckerberg
    SodaStream has teamed with Randi Zuckerberg to highlight the company's sustainability efforts.

    SodaStream has launched its Earth Day 2021 campaign teaming with social media specialist Randi Zuckerberg to highlight the company’s sustainability efforts.

    This year’s message from SodaStream is a continuation of the company’s efforts to position its home carbonation system and reusable bottles as an alternative to single-use plastic bottles.

    The company predicts that by using the SodaStream system the production of nearly 78 billion bottles will be avoided by 2025, 11 billion more than the target announced last year. 


    Additionally, SodaStream will also be switching to metal from plastic for its flavor bottles. This decision will avoid the production of another 200 million plastic bottles. 

    The company, for the first time in its history, will be developing sparkling water devices made from recycled or plant-based materials, thereby making its entire range greener products.

    “Our sparkling water devices are sustainable by definition; each SodaStream user saves a few thousand single-use plastic bottles, which will not end up in the trash,” said Eyal Shohat, CEO of SodaStream Globally. “We’re taking it a step further by showcasing sparkling water devices made from sustainable materials.”