Spectrum Debuts HEXA Kitchen Organization

Spectrum, HEXA
Spectrum Diversified's new HEXA collection.

Spectrum Diversified Designs is giving consumers new options to improve their kitchen organization with the debut of its HEXA collection.

The line of in-drawer organizers and silverware trays feature a hexagonal, six-sided honeycomb open base design. This is said to provide a sturdy foundation for utensils and cooking tools while also allowing crumbs and other debris to fall through its base. 

Consumers are able to simply “life and sift” to allow dirt and debris to fall through. 


“The Hexagon shape is the most functional form in nature,” said Tom Tylicki, director of category management for Spectrum Diversified. “Additionally, the six-sided pattern is a modern style trend already used throughout most homes. Geometric designs are always in fashion. They create interest while providing a brilliant accent to any space – a timeless look that’s versatile yet elegant.”

The HEXA in-drawer organizers feature modular designs offering various storage solutions. Available in a variety of sizes to configure to any size drawer, each organizer has rubber feet to minimize shifting within the drawer. They are available in clear frost and stone gray finishes.

Spectrum’s in-drawer silverware trays include two designs – fixed or expandable – and have multiple dividers to organize all of your utensils. Offered in five- and six-divider configurations, expandable versions feature wings that lock into place for added storage.  

Available in clear frost and stone gray finishes, both designs also offer a low profile to help slide into drawers easily and feature rubber feet to prevent sliding.

In addition to in-drawer organizers and silverware trays, the HEXA line of innovation soon will expand to include in-fridge organizers. 

Currently, HEXA in-drawer organizers and silverware trays are available for $2.99 – $24.99 at At Home stores and online through Amazon