Staub’s Eye-Catching Sage Cookware Now at Williams Sonoma

    Sage, Staub
    Staub's round Dutch oven is offered in sage.

    Consumers looking to put some spring in their daily meal preparation while enlivening their home cookware will need to give Staub’s new Sage color a look. 

    Now available at Williams Sonoma, the high-end cookware in the eye-catching green tone is offered on four items: an enameled cast-iron Dutch oven, 3.5-quart enameled cast-iron everything pan, enameled cast-iron deep oven and enameled cast-iron fry pan. All items are made in France.

    Sage, which was called a “restorative and calming green” by Food & Wine, is part of Staub’s cookware line that is made from the company’s innovative enamel coating and said to take cast-iron cooking to the next level. 


    A heavy lid to seal in moisture is paired with heat-retaining cast-iron that makes items such as the Dutch oven ideal for slow-cooking a variety of items.

    All color selections from Staub feature multicoat enameling that provides a glossy, vibrantly colored “majolique” exterior finish resembling fine ceramics.

    A unique item in the line is the everything pan. Designed for braising and slow-cooking, the pan can easily go from the oven to the table. Its glass lid offers a snug fit to retain heat and moisture while allowing a home chef to keep a watchful eye on the food.

    A specially formulated black matte interior enamel contains traces of quartz, giving it additional heat resistance and a rougher surface that results in better browning.