Thomas Keller To Serve as Hestan Brand Ambassador

    Thomas Keller, Hestan
    Chef Thomas Keller.

    Hestan Culinary is teaming with renowned chef Thomas Keller who will serve as a brand ambassador for the cookware supplier

    According to the company, the official partnership culminates from Keller’s longstanding experience with Hestan’s culinary products, which he has used for years in his award-winning restaurants. In his role as brand ambassador, Keller will provide culinary guidance and inspiration to the development of new cookware. 

    “We’re thrilled to welcome Chef Thomas Keller to our team, and know that together we will continue to raise the bar on culinary excellence for professional chefs and home cooks,” says Pamela Stafford, managing director at Hestan Culinary. “It’s an absolute honor for us that Chef Keller has chosen to partner with Hestan cookware.”


    Keller’s history with Napa, California-based Hestan began in 2015 with the company’s launch of Hestan Commercial. The award-winning line of premium commercial kitchen appliances is manufactured at its 160,000 square foot headquarters in Anaheim, CA. 

    Several Hestan cookware collections including NanoBond, CopperBond and ProBond are featured in Keller’s restaurant kitchens including The French Laundry, Bouchon, Per Se, Ad Hoc, La Calenda and The Surf Club.

    “In the past eight years, I’ve especially enjoyed working with (Hestann founder) Stanley Cheng, who is an extraordinary engineer, a visionary leader, and as fastidious with details as I am,” Keller said. “Everything that Hestan introduces is designed with purpose and unmatched quality, including the cookware, which I have found to be the most innovative, responsive, durable, and beautiful line for both professional and home cooks.”

    In addition to working with Hestan as a brand ambassador, Keller also lends his name and culinary expertise to a line of cutlery from Cangshan