Valerie Bertinelli Picks Five Kitchen Must-Haves

    Valerie Bertinelli shares her kitchen favorites. Photo: Instagram

    Valerie Bertinelli has once again found her way into the hearts of Americans thanks to her popular Food Network show Valerie’s Home Cooking.

    Her exploits in the kitchen have also given her unique insights into which products work best when preparing her favorite meals and beverages. 

    As part of the Today show’s “Ask The Experts” series, Bertinelli was asked to share a selection of products that help ease the cooking process at home.

    Nespresso Aeroccino 3 frother.

    Nespresso Aeroccino 3 Milk Frother

    Given American’s love of coffee, it’s no surprise that a coffee-related product would make Bertinelli’s list. The frother allows you to create barista-style coffee drinks at home, topping off your favorite beverages with hot or cold milk froth. 

    Valerie’s take: “It makes your milk hot (I don’t like cold milk in my coffee), it froths it up, so you feel like you’re having a beautiful coffee from a coffee house, that we really can’t go to and sit and enjoy.”  

    Rachael Ray spatula set.

    Rachael Ray 2-piece spatula set

    Bertinelli turns to a fellow celebrity chef for her next choice. The spatulas are available in various colors, a long-standing trait of kitchenware products from Ray. The spatulas are pre-cut at an angle that allows for easy flipping of various items. Also, they are made of plastic and won’t scratch non-stick pans. 

    LeCreuset 8-inch fry pan.

    LeCreuset Toughened Non-stick Pro 8-inch fry pan

    The pan features a textured triple-reinforced PFOA-free coating that easily wipes clean. It is dishwasher, oven and metal utensil safe.

    Valerie’s take: “These are the non-stick pans that I use every single day! I have them in a bunch of sizes.”

    Microplane zester.

    Microplane Premium Classic Series Zester Grater

    This is a product that is must-have for any serious home chef and an item that Bertinelli called “amazing.” She noted she uses her zester almost every day to zest a lemon or lime or even grate Parmesan cheese. 

    Saltopia flavor-infused salts.

    Saltopia Flavor Infused & Naturally Harvested Salts

    Offered in a variety of blends and flavors, Bertinelli highlighted three flavors: It’s Amore for Italian dishes, Max Back for a smoky flavor and Yakkity Yak that presents a mild southwestern seasoning. 

    Valerie’s take: “These are so amazing.”


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