Victoria Cast Iron Debuts Updated Tortilla Press Design

    Victoria Cast Iron, Tortilla Press
    Victoria Cast Iron has debuted an updated design for its popular tortilla press.

    Victoria Cast Iron’s tortilla press, an item the company said is one of its most popular items, has been redesigned in an effort to boost the product’s utility, design and durability.

    In an effort to make what is a traditional item more useful and more durable, company officials said they were challenged to make an updated tortilla press that is lighter with added ergonomics and greater functionality.

    Using feedback after millions of tortillas and tostones were pressed, Victoria product designers developed the company’s own “secret formula of indestructible iron called “HD Iron.”


    Officials with Victoria Cast Iron said the HD Iron is “perfect” for the tortilla press as the material is stronger, yet lighter than cast iron commonly used for cookware. The HD Iron is said to provide the proper amount of weight for pressing but its lighter weight allows the unit to be moved and stored more easily. 

    The updated tortilla press can be used to press a variety of items including wheat dough, nuts, tostones and corn tortillas. It is also large enough to make wraps and burritos.